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Empower - Opportunity - Network - Wealth

The Mission

The mission of the Black Male Real Estate Expo (BMREE) is to provide education and networking opportunities to Black males interested in developing as entrepreneurs in the real estate, construction and tech industries.

Empower Growth

Are you interested in learning how to build wealth?

If so, you've come to the right place! We're hosting a real estate expo specifically targeted at Black males, but it's open to everyone who wants to explore careers in real estate and construction.


Are you considering a career in real estate, construction, or technology in real estate?

Our event features experts from various aspects of these industries hosting a series of panels focused on entrepreneurship, real estate, construction trades, and AI. You'll hear from broker-owners (residential and commerical), lenders, insurers, attorneys, appraisers, inspectors, developers, association leaders, and more!

The Vision

A world where Black Males are proportionately represented as owners in the real estate, construction and tech industries.

Each One, Teach One!

Although the primary goal of the Expo was exclusively to provide exposure to the real estate industry for Black males and encourage entrepreneurship, BMREE has broadened its focus to add careers in construction and technology and to provide support and training on various topics connected to entrepreneurial endeavors and success.

Who We Are

The Black Male Real Estate Expo (BMREE) was created, organized, and held to intentionally bring awareness of the real estate and construction industries to African American males from middle school and beyond. We are hyper-focused on bringing critical resources and information to this population because we recognize this demographic faces acute challenges with high unemployment and lack of income, wealth, opportunities, and exposure

We demonstrate and teach young Black men that well-paying jobs in real estate and the trades are possible. In line with the age-old adage that very few can be what they have not seen, we show and connect them to successful Black male owners who have come before them.


We are committed to showing our youth and young men what is possible and what has been accomplished to avoid pie-in-the-sky dreams that sometimes feel unreal or unattainable.​


The primary focus of the BMREE is and will always be the empowerment and development of African American males, and we welcome ALL to our events to learn about the possibilities for themselves and the people they love.


We not only recognize that the state of Black men directly affects the health of their families, but we also know that others can benefit directly from attending and learning the ideas we present.


Our vision is a world where Black males are proportionately represented as owners in the real estate and construction industries.

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