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BMREE held its first event in February 2022 at Chatham Cinema in Chicago. Organized by Lutalo McGee, it showcased key Black male real estate owners and industry leaders over a series of panels that ranged from Careers in Real Estate to Investing in Real Estate.


Panelists included the previous president of the Chicago Association of Realtors and Illinois Realtors, Ezekiel Morris, as well as successful Black business owners, Perdure Carter, Rory Boone, Dave Thomas, Kelvin Russell, Moses Hall, Brian Cunningham, Mark Buford, Sean Bacon, Stacey Chauncey, Michael Tolliver, Vaughn Harrison, Jason Zeigler, Tylann Durret, Mark Wallace, Steve Wilson, Sam Saka, Al, Kelly Jackson, Ryan Wilkins, Brandon Harrington, Moncrease Carroll, Christopher Posey, Brian Sewell, Kristopher Anderson, and Ed Beavers.

Founder Lutalo McGee, Perdure Carter, Quentin Randle, and David Thomas were our original moderators.


We sold 250 tickets at zero cost for attendance.

Our initial sponsors included Dream Spots Leasing and Sales, Boone and Associates LLC, Xcellence Inspections Services, Atlas Management, Bluedoor Dave, CITI, Secure Home and Automation, Amerisafe, Motto Mortgage, Lima One, Mo Hall Commercial and Urban Development, Ani Real Estate, the Chicago Association of Realtors, the Illinois Realtors and The Renovation Room.

2023 Panelist
2023 Panelists

2022 Sponsors

Chicago Association of Realtors

 Illinois Realtors Ani Real Estate 

AmeriSafe Property Inspections

Boone Properties

Brinks Home Security

Blue Door Dave


Dreamspots Leasing & Sales

Lima One Capital

MoHall Commercial & Urban Development

Motto Mortgage

The Renovation Room

 Xcellence Inspection Services

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